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In 1991, long before Fiber Optic Internet was a reality, Optiwave Communications (a division of Alasoft, Inc.) was formed.  Since the coming of the IBM PC and then Local Area Networks (LAN's) we became experts in networking.  First of all, with Novell NetWare, Microsoft LAN Manager and then other network operating systems. In addition, certifications were obtained for SCO Unix System V and IBM 3270 and 5250 systems.  Connections from the LAN to IBM mainframes and mini-computers was our strength.

First off, the first thin coax LAN's in Birmingham, AL school systems were installed by Optiwave. Secondly, with 10BaseT and 100BaseT technology advances we gained experience with hubs, switches and routers. Therefore, we gained experience in connecting numerous customer locations together in IPSec WAN's. So, while working with many different ISP's we gained experience with different types of voice and data connections.  This included T1, Bonded T1, integrated T1, Fiber Optic Internet, EoC, Cable, MPLS, Hosted VoIP PBX, SIP, etc..  Also, we gained experience with CoS (Class of Service) and QoS (Quality of Service) for hosted VoIP phone systems.



First of all, we concentrate on being the best independent agent for over 75 providers of fiber optic Internet, VoIP and other cloud services.  Therefore, we provide the best solutions for the best prices of fiber optic Internet, VoIP and other cloud services.  We provide multiple solutions to our clients for  their needs.  Fiber Optic Internet, T1, bonded T1, cable, MPLS, SIP, EoC, DS3, T3, OC3, etc. are a few.  Cloud services include hosted Exchange, Skype for business, Office 365 and hosted VoIP services.

Consulting services are provided free of charge to our clients.  We help design and configure WAN's.  These include fiber optic Internet, VoIP and other cloud services.  Standard circuit monitoring is also provided free of charge to our clients.  Therefore, you will receive notifications if your fiber circuit is down.  Also, issues such as latency or ping response times.  Access is provided to MOS scores and other management features for all VoIP calls.

We get you the fastest fiber optic Internet services.  Also, the best price for each of your business locations.  In addition, deciding the best VoIP vendor to use on top of those fiber Internet connections.  Optiwave Communications is the best fiber optic Internet pricing provider in the USA.  We have the knowledge and vendors needed to reach into Western and Eastern Europe, South America and the world.


Being independent, Optiwave Communications does not push one telecom vendor or one type of service.  Therefore, we seek out the best solution for our clients for fiber optic Internet, VoIP, MPLS, SIP, T1, Bonded T1, cable, EoC, Fiber Internet, DS3, T3, OC-3 and other cloud services.  Are you are seeking for the best service at the best price for Internet and cloud services?  Including fiber optic Internet, VoIP, SIP, MPLS, T1, bonded T1, cable, EoC, DS3, T3, OC3, etc.?  If so, then you have come to the right place.  You can let our over 30 years of experience work for you!