Since I have already had a customer hit by Ransomware this year I thought I would post a few links to help my customers with this type of threat.  First of all, “wannacry” is a very deadly piece of malware.  It is normally run through a link in an email or web page that fools the user into clicking on it.  It then encrypts all of the data on your hard drive with a key that only the criminals know.  They then ask for a “ransom” of usually Bitcoins which the victim has to obtain by buying them and redeeming them for the key.

Microsoft issued a patch for this particular strain back in March and instructions for its application can be found here MS17-010.

Also, the best security software that I provide for my customers (F-Secure PSB) has posted even more detailed information on “Wannacry” at these locations F-Secure and more info.

If you need any help with this type of problem please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I am always here to help.

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