This post might seem a bit odd, but bear with me.  Have you ever seen the cartoon of the guy trying to sell a machine gun to the medieval king, but the king says that he does not have time to meet with him because he is busy fighting a war (with swords).  Sometimes I feel like the service I perform is just like that.


I recently had a customer that I have called on for over 3 years, and that I had been trying to have them let me quote a fiber solution for them that entire time, tell me that they had bought AT&T fiber directly from AT&T.  From the outset, that doesn’t sound too bad for them.  The only thing is, there are many other options from other providers of fiber for that area.  Even if they wanted AT&T, I could have provided AT&T fiber from ACC Business which is a direct arm of AT&T, have better support and an identical SLA.  And get this; at a better price.

Now I don’t want this to sound like sour grapes, as it is not.  I just sometimes feel like the guy with the machine gun.  I know I have a superior, quality solution, but people just don’t take the time to hear it.  Ok, I will get down off my soapbox now.  Call me if you need a solution for Internet and/or voice for your company.  I might surprise you.


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