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First of all, we thank you for considering Optiwave Communications for your Fiber, VoIP and cloud service needs. Therefore, we would ask you to please fill out the form on the left to contact us. Then, a real person will get your inquiry and will respond as quickly as possible.  Consequently, you will be provided with a solution to your data, voice and cloud service needs. We appreciate your business and we consider your privacy our top priority!

In addition, please remember that we offer fiber Internet, VoIP, MPLS, SIP, T1, Bonded T1, cable, EoC (Ethernet over Copper), DS3, T3, OC3 and other cloud services. Especially relevant is our coverage area.  This includes the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Western and Eastern Europe and South America.

Furthermore, since we are independent, we provide multiple solutions from multiple vendors and do not “push” a single solution. Therefore, we help you decide what is the best solution for you and not what a single vendor “thinks” is the best solution.  Fiber Internet access is our specialty, with options for voice, in the form of PRI, SIP and analog connections. Also, we offer a diverse selection of hosted and premise based VoIP providers. Most noteworthy, our consulting services are provided free of charge to our clients.

In addition, we can help you design and implement a wide area network with voice services using fiber, VoIP and other cloud services. Of note, standard circuit monitoring is provided free of charge to our clients. Therefore, you will receive notifications if your fiber circuit is down or having issues.  These include latency or ping response times slower than usual.  Also, if you contract for VoIP services with us we will also provide tools for your use.  Hence, these include access to MOS scores and other management features for all VoIP calls.

Finally, we help you get the fastest fiber services for the best prices.  Consequently, these include Internet access for each of your business locations. Also, we will help you decide the best VoIP vendor to use on top of those fiber Internet connections. In conclusion, Optiwave is the best fiber Internet pricing provider in the USA. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!

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