I just finished installing a new 20M x 20M fiber optic Internet connection yesterday.  This is a good customer of mine (www.discoverybiomed.com).  It went well and gave them a good upgrade from the current 3M bonded T1 connection that they currently have.  This increased speed will give them the ability to access data from their local server remotely with little delay.  They also have hosted VoIP running over this connection.

This is a Level3 connection, but we have access to over 75 different providers.  In this case, Level3 had targeted this building for fiber and we were able to get this customer a 20M x 20M fiber connection for about the same price as what they were spending for a 3M bonded T1 Internet connection.  So, there is no downside to upgrading to a connection that is over 6 times faster, has greater reliability and great options for future upgrades.  They will be able to upgrade easily to 100M and even 1G Internet connections.

Thanks for your time.  I will keep you updated on more in the future!