I get asked the question from customers all of the time, what is the best backup connection I can get for my office?  For those who cannot be down for a day or more the answer is usually some type of cable or DSL, if available.  Sometimes it is a 4G connection with a cradlepoint router.  But what if you need something more dependable and with a higher speed?  Satellite Internet might be the answer if you don’t dismiss it out of hand.

New Satellite Launched

You might be thinking right now, oh no, satellite is awful and the latency is even worse.  But you would be wrong.  This is not your Daddy’s satellite!  This satellite beats 5G speeds and solves the latency problems of the past.  Read about it here.  You can even run VoIP and hosted UC services over it.  And guess how much time it takes to install from date of order?  3 days!!  No Internet provider installs faster.

Well, you might want to consider it in the future for your backup connection.  I will be recommending it to my customers when it becomes available in January.  I might have jumped the gun just a little, but this is just a little heads up for you.  Consequently, although the Viasat-2 service will not be available until January, the current Viasat delivers 15M / 4M service today.  Pretty good!!


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