Most of my clients are on strict budgets and usually have only one location. So why am I talking about SD-WAN for them? Isn’t that for businesses with multiple locations? Or for replacing MPLS connections?  Or for businesses with high end budgets?  Maybe with big IT departments?

SD-WAN, not what you thought

No, SD-WAN is now a feasible and needed solution for small business. I have plenty of clients who rely on one Internet connection, but also have a backup connection in case the first one fails (and it will, believe me). So, what if you could have a device that handles multiple Internet connections, monitors them multiple times per second and will automatically route traffic without any input from you? What if it used the bandwidth from both connections all of the time? And what if it also knew what connection was best to route that new hosted VoIP traffic you’re using now for your phone system?

SD-WAN, ready for your one location

Well, you guessed it, SD-WAN is not just for businesses with multiple locations, it is now for small businesses with only one location. Did I also mention that it was pretty inexpensive?

There’s my two cents for the day.