Many times I get the question, what do you do?  Most of the time I give a short answer, like a computer guy that handles Internet and VoIP.  But I just really don’t want to bother them with all the many things that make up my experience with data and voice.  Some are not so great, like my first foray into outdoor wireless point to point some 15 years ago.  Or maybe my first VoIP install over 10 years ago.  But along the way I gained a lot of experience with wireless, voip and now fiber.  I am really amazed at how technology changes so fast.  A 10M fiber Internet connection that I sold for almost $1000 some three years ago now costs $567 a month.  Prices go down and speeds go up.

So, what do you really do?

The best way I could tell you “What I do” is to compare myself to an independent insurance agent.  I can compare all of the companies out there and find the best options for data and voice for any business in any location in the USA and many locations in Europe and South America now.

Also, did I tell you I am certified on IBM mini-computers, SCO Unix, MS-DOS, CPM, etc.?  Oh well, those technologies from 30 years ago really don’t matter much now.  But, maybe they do if you want someone who has been through it all.  Just sayin’.

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